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Former Elite Guard Barrack Advancement Officer. Feel free to send me a PM to review one of your movies or sound tracks. Once I read the message I will get to it immediately! If you have any other questions just PM me as well and I will try to help.

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So not really sure who visits my profile nowadays and I'm even less sure on how many of you are MMA fans but I just felt like posting another news post and I guess this is an appropriate subject.

So yeah I am attending this event, my first ever MMA event I will be seeing live and in person. I've been watching MMA for years so I'm not new to the sport, but at the same time I have no idea what to expect. It should be a blast though this has got to be the most stacked card in WEC history! Simply can't wait. Anybody have any thoughts on the fights? I've got my winners picked but am far too tired to go into them in detail. Let me know!

Edit: Just got back, it was fucking awesome. Some great fights, possibly a fight of the year with Leonard Garcia Vs. Chan Sung Jung. Chan got screwed over but both of them fought extremely well. Surprised Mike Brown got KTFO, but all my other predictions came true. Looking forward to another MMA event to attend.

Aldo Vs. Faber

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