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Not Bad

Great music to fade into the scene. Gives it your average sitcom feel. The animation is done well. The facial features of the motorcycles was my favorite part. Solid lip synching, great emotion with the eyes, and the use of the handbrakes as eyebrows was really creative. Voice acting was also another big plus. Very realistic. Sounds just like a conversation two motorcycles would have in real life, if that was possible! One thing I felt was a little off was the sound effect used for the oil leak. Just didn't sound like it belonged. Definitely felt out of place for me which kind of detracted from the flash. I also felt the length of the animation was disappointing. I wanted to hear more of the stories these two have clearly experienced. Nice flash though, enjoyed it very much.

I liked it!

This reminds me so much of an everyday conversation in real life. Maybe not the same context, but the attitude and the dialogue seems so real. Great drawings and the animation was very fluent. I was especially impressed with the eye movement. The blinking was perfect and the eyebrows showed the emotions perfectly. Hand movement was on point too. The best part of this flash was the voice acting. Like I said before this conversation sounds just like a real one. I'm sure it was scripted, but it sounds like they just free ball it, which is great. The only thing I wanted was an even longer rant! Some very funny flashes could be had with these two, keep it up.

So damn catchy!

This was very enjoyable to watch. The animation ran very smoothly with bright colors and fun movement. Of course the best part of this flash is the song. It was catchy and fun to sing along to. Not to mention the animation went along with the song so well. Something I would suggest and I know this is your thing, but instead of it just looping, make a replay button. Overall another great flash, keep it up guys!

Also, congratulations on 100 trophies TheWeebl!

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I didn't expect to have as much fun with this. It's a good time killer. A simple point and shoot style of game play which may not be the most immersive experience, but certainly an enjoyable one. Twenty levels is a good variety, but the range of different and more challenging levels falls short much sooner than that. There are tougher levels to be played, but nothing truly challenging from one level to the next. I felt if the levels kept getting progressively tougher it would have added to the longevity of the game. The music fits well into the jungle like atmosphere, but it did get repetitive rather quickly. After fifteen or so minutes it just became noise in the background. More of the same styled music would prevent this. Over all a nice, easy to pick up game that unfortunately doesn't try very hard to keep the player entertained. Definitely worth a look though.

Good fun

Great game. The graphics were great. Very colorful and smooth. I really thought the backgrounds were unique and fun. The music was great. I thought this type of music was perfect for a game like this. I'm glad you used different songs for each level and not just use the same one over and over again. The game play was good, very fun and I actually enjoyed going back to the levels and beating my old score. I managed to get all gold medals for each level. The controls worked well and were easy to pick up. The difficulty wasn't all that challenging. After level 2 I had to go over every level once just to get down a strategy, but by my second play through it was cake. I hope you make another game with more challenging levels. Good job on this game I really enjoyed it!

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I enjoyed this game. The game play was good. A simple concept but it was enjoyable. The difficulty was just right. The graphics were good were good and the sound effect were perfect. Some music in the background would have been a good idea. Over all this game was good. Very simple, but fun. Keep up the good work.

Acreonte responds:

you're right, is missing background music.
Hey Hemlok, thanks for your comment!

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Very nice

I'm not usually into Latin music but this one caught my attention. I really liked the melody to this song. I could definitely see a dancer shaking to this! The maracas (I think that's what they were) were great in the background. I did find it to be rather long since there wasn't much change to it. Except for that change of pace near the end, but it went back to the same beat as before. It did have a decent ending though. This was a very nice song, keep it up!

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Your gifted

The intensity of this song blew my mind. At first when I listened to the intro I thought I was in for a nice mellow song. Then that extreme guitar riff took me for a ride! The vocals were great, he had the same anger and intensity as the music and it fit perfectly. I did feel like the vocals could have been added a little earlier then they were. By the way, that guitar solo in there was excellent! I really enjoyed listening to this song, I can't wait to hear more from this band. Keep me posted!

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SwashieB responds:

Please review some of our other tracks and spread the word!


I loved this song. There were so many different beats to it that kept me entertained. I felt the melody was very enticing and the drums held it all together. I loved the beginning and how it builds up to the other beats. The speed of this song was insane! Very fast throughout the whole thing. Extremely good job on this song. It was over three minutes and I wasn't bored listening to it at all. Keep it up.

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Yes, just yes.

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